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The Aliens Online Casino Slot Machine

Aliens is the latest video slot from Net Entertainment that has all the suspense of the movie it is named after. The game’s theme is based around a marine fighting aliens to stay alive, as seen through a camera mounted on his helmet. As a player, you will scan the area for Alien activity and fight off Alien attacks with a machine gun, all while searching for the Queen Hive in order to kill off the creatures.

An accompanying soundtrack of suspenseful sound effects will keep you on edge as you wait for a winning spin- or an alien to jump out from the darkness and surprise you.

This five-reel, three-row, 15-line game offers three levels, wild substitutions, re-spins and collectable multipliers. It allows for a large range of bets, from as little as fifteen cents up to $150 per spin, so there is an option for everyone. And these bets can be placed using either automatic spins or manual, depending on your preference.

If your internet connection isn’t top speed, Aliens allows you to decrease the quality of the game’s graphics so as not to slow down the play.

Aliens Online Casino Slot Machine Features
There are three levels of play on the Aliens game, with level one titled ‘The Search.’ During regular spins, the search bar at the top of the screen is filled with every winning combination. This adds to the multipliers and, once the meter is full, triggers the start of level two.

In level two, ‘The Encounter,’ reels are transformed with background graphics depicting a gun battle to take out attacking aliens. Every time a spin results in a win, you progress further through the level, with the ultimate goal of the level being to reach the Queen Hive.

You can’t storm the Hive with no ammunition though. Ammo is collected along the way and the level ends when you either reach the Hive or run out of ammo. And if that happens, well, use your imagination.

In level three, titled ‘The Hive,’ your marine faces off against an extremely upset and aggressive Queen Alien. The action starts with five re-spins and four filled ammunition clips (you can also collect more along the way in this level, like in the previous one). If you are lucky, it is possible to win this level with a single grenade, and collect a big prize, but that’s a long shot. Your other option is to empty the four stage ‘Hive health meter,’ which kills the queen and pays a fat reward. If things don’t go well for you, you could be killed by the Queen. But the good news is that you can still take home what you have won up to that point.

Our Take on the Aliens Casino Slot Machine
Aliens doesn’t disappoint, for either fans of the movie or just fans of slot machines. This game’s graphics are impressive and it has features that other slots don’t, for a unique playing experience. Check it out at LeoVegas Casino or Drake Casino.