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Gratis gokken Jumanji Casino Slot Machine

Would you dare to be surrounded by scary animals, just like in the original movie of Jumanji? NetEnt has developed a thrilling slot machine edition, which happens to look like the exciting movie of back in the days. Can you remember how scary it was to see all these running animals? Well, now you will be introduced to this story again, thanks to this new developed slot machine. The theme of this game is adjusted to the elements from the movie, for example the lion which is displayed as an intro graphic. Who doesn’t remember this iconical character from the movie? NetEnt did a great job with their developments, because they really created the real Jumanji experience.

The Jumanji Casino Slot Machine Functions and Features
This online slot machine is not only interesting by its theme, it also offers many great features. This is the main reason why gratis gokken mentioned the Jumanji game in some of their articles; the game is just so interesting. You can discover all the added features while playing, which will keep you surprised every time! The game contains 5 rolls with different lines and you can already tell nature is messing around with these rolls too! The playing field contains a 3-4-5-4-3 and is filled with wild and dangerous animals such as lions, rhinos and even crocodiles. You should be a real animal lover in order to play this game, because it contains so many wildlife in just one game!

Try to collect three or even more scatters to get access to a big amount of free spins and other mysterious features. There are many free spins features available in this game, so take your best shot and go for it. Really interesting is the bonus game which can be activated in the game if you collect at least three bonus symbols. Jumanji is a mysterious game in the movie and so in the slot machine. You can get access to secret features, but you first need to activate them before they will show you what it is! The website gratis gokken already gave a sneak peek about the mysterious gifts of Jumanji.

Our Spin (our take) on the Jumanji Online Casino Game
The Jumanji online slot machine is comparable with the original movie and that makes us very happy. The payouts are not that spectacular, but the amount of free spins features are out of this world. This is what makes this game so special; we have never seen so many free spin features in just one game! Also, we must admit this game caused some chills while playing it. We at Sum-solus are not a big fan of scary games, but sometimes it’s just necessary to play and try it out. We were quite scared of the animals, but thankfully they didn’t broke out of our screen. Would you be interested in playing this slot machine game? Check out the website of gratis gokken and discover how you can play it for free.