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Easy market partners up with multiple online casinos

More and more online casinos are considering a collaboration with online traders. Online traders usually collaborates with online marketers, agents, web publishers and website owners. If you happen to run your own website, you can also sign up for a partnership together with companies such as Easy market. Online casinos in particular are always interested in new marketing possibilities and collaborations, especially within the crypto industry. Easy market is one of the most popular trading platform and can be called a pioneer market maker. This company also offers many possibilities for other companies to join their community, which is now already happening. The big question that we have to ask ourselves is: are trading and gambling the same? You can find out more about these online traders by reading reviews that can be found online. One of the examples of a prime Forex broker is Oanda. In the OANDA review you can see that they are a broker to be reckoned with because they offer the best spreads on the market.

The reason that online casinos are interested in the trading industry is because of their similarities. Online trading and gambling are both attempt to develop a financial gain over a very short period of time. This can be created without investing new wealth. Both industries are involving capital transfer without the creation of this capital, which means that the outcome is unpredictable for traders and online gamblers. The part that the outcome is unpredictable makes these kinds of industries unreliable, resulting in negative thoughts by our community. In order to gain your wealth, luck should be in your favor and that is something that people can’t rely on. In some cases, experience can help traders and online gamblers to eventually become successful. This means that the players and traders with the most luck, are typically highly skilled and spend many years to manage their work.

Studies has shown that online traders and gamblers contain similar interests and skills. If you would like to become proficient, practice and learning are the ultimate keys to the door of success. Easy market offers a e-learning centre and services guide for beginners and advanced traders. By doing this, they would like to support their member in becoming successful traders. Online casinos are also very committed to their online users, which can be noticed by their customer support and chat options on their platforms. This is another similarity between online casinos and online traders such as Easy market. If you like to make uncertain decisions and risky choices, both industries can be very interesting for you. You just have to take a look at the motivation behind your online activity, would you like to win money or are you just playing for fun?

The intersection of the two industries are interesting, but we at Sum Solus will always be committed to the online gambling industry. Like many other online players, we believe playing slot machines is a really fun thing to do and is our number one motivation of playing in an online casino. If you are playing casino games only to gain your financial status, you should try out the trading industry as well. If you just like to play games for fun, like we do, then the crypto industry isn’t really for you. If you would like to know more about trading platforms like Easy market, make sure to read the reviews first. Crypto trading is just one of the usable financial instruments that can be used at Forex brokers. Contracts of Difference or CfD is another trade-able instrument.

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Gratis gokken Jumanji Casino Slot Machine

Would you dare to be surrounded by scary animals, just like in the original movie of Jumanji? NetEnt has developed a thrilling slot machine edition, which happens to look like the exciting movie of back in the days. Can you remember how scary it was to see all these running animals? Well, now you will be introduced to this story again, thanks to this new developed slot machine. The theme of this game is adjusted to the elements from the movie, for example the lion which is displayed as an intro graphic. Who doesn’t remember this iconical character from the movie? NetEnt did a great job with their developments, because they really created the real Jumanji experience.

The Jumanji Casino Slot Machine Functions and Features
This online slot machine is not only interesting by its theme, it also offers many great features. This is the main reason why gratis gokken mentioned the Jumanji game in some of their articles; the game is just so interesting. You can discover all the added features while playing, which will keep you surprised every time! The game contains 5 rolls with different lines and you can already tell nature is messing around with these rolls too! The playing field contains a 3-4-5-4-3 and is filled with wild and dangerous animals such as lions, rhinos and even crocodiles. You should be a real animal lover in order to play this game, because it contains so many wildlife in just one game!

Try to collect three or even more scatters to get access to a big amount of free spins and other mysterious features. There are many free spins features available in this game, so take your best shot and go for it. Really interesting is the bonus game which can be activated in the game if you collect at least three bonus symbols. Jumanji is a mysterious game in the movie and so in the slot machine. You can get access to secret features, but you first need to activate them before they will show you what it is! The website gratis gokken already gave a sneak peek about the mysterious gifts of Jumanji.

Our Spin (our take) on the Jumanji Online Casino Game
The Jumanji online slot machine is comparable with the original movie and that makes us very happy. The payouts are not that spectacular, but the amount of free spins features are out of this world. This is what makes this game so special; we have never seen so many free spin features in just one game! Also, we must admit this game caused some chills while playing it. We at Sum-solus are not a big fan of scary games, but sometimes it’s just necessary to play and try it out. We were quite scared of the animals, but thankfully they didn’t broke out of our screen. Would you be interested in playing this slot machine game? Check out the website of gratis gokken and discover how you can play it for free.

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The Dracula Online Casino Game

Forget happy cartoons, it’s time to make some money helping a fiend get what he needs- blood! Net Entertainment’s monster video slot, Dracula, is an adventure in itself, with visually impressive artwork created entirely by the game’s developers. Based on Bram Stoker’s book, Dracula is depicted here as dark, brooding and menacing. But he’s still a showman. Spin a bonus and he will turn into a colony of bats for your entertainment.

In this version of the horror classic, Dracula has left his castle in Transylvanian to live in Carfax Abbey in London. Your “job” is to find victims to take to him. If you do a good job, you will be rewarded- with free spins, Stacked Wild Bonuses and a Wild bonus. At both mrgreen and the casumo casino you can play the dracula slot using your free spins that you get when you register a free player account.

The Dracula Casino Slot Machine Functions and Features
Dracula is a five reel, 40 payline slot. Symbols used on the reels include Dracula himself, plus the people he targets to satisfy his bloodlust. This includes his love interest Mina, an unidentified woman wearing a fur coat, a Gypsy chief, a young boy and the Jack through Ace symbols found on a deck of playing cards.

The Wild in this game is represented by a simple letter “W” designed to look like it was written in blood. The Wilds substitute for all other symbols and can complete winning combinations across the reels that appear on a single spin. Wilds are limited though in where they can show up- they only appear on reels two, three, and four.

Free spin bonus rounds are triggered by hitting the Stacked Dracula symbol on reel two and the Stacked Mina symbol on reel four in the same spin. This will earn ten free spins. There is a lot of earning potential with this game though, as you can win additional free spins if you hit a Stacked Wild symbol on reel three that is fully visible during the free spins bonus round. That will earn you two extra free spins and chances to hit more jackpots.

But it gets even better! There is also a “Bat Bonus” feature that is randomly triggered. When this happens, Dracula turns into a colony of bats that land on certain symbols. The bats turn each of those symbols into the same symbol, with the potential of them turning into a Wild. The Bat Bonus feature is triggered on every free spin, so these rounds are very active and can be very lucrative.

Our Spin (our take) on the Dracula Online Casino Game
The Dracula game is a popular one, surrounded by lots of hype for its’ visual beauty and graphics. It is particularly popular for its Bat Bonus feature. Dracula is no longer stuck in the middle ages either- you can play it on tablets and smartphones at and

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Aloha! Cluster Pays Slot Machine

Need to get away? While it’s not exactly a tropical island vacation, playing Net Entertainment’s latest video slot, Aloha! Cluster Pays can help you forget your worries and get away from reality for a little while.

This game is a nice departure from the ordinary because it is played on six reels with no standard paylines. The goal is to get clusters of matching symbols to win a jackpot of up to 10,000 coins.

This game can be played for free or real money at or It uses tropical items such as flowers, shells, coconuts, and pineapples as symbols. Add some tropical theme music and it is a mini vacation from the usual slot machine.

With no paylines in this game, players start by placing a 10 credit bet. You can select various coin denominations to determine the size of your wager, meaning the game can be played for anywhere from ten cents up to $200 per spin.

Aloha! Cluster Pays Casino Slot Machine Features
Online players can expect excitement with Aloha! Cluster Pays due to some bonus features that increase overall winnings, such as stacked symbols that count as two and make payouts more likely and Sticky Win Re-Spins.

Sticky Win Re-Spins are earned randomly. During these re-spins, winning symbols remain in place when the second spin is made, with all symbols that didn’t win disappearing to make room for new ones. If the size of a winning cluster increases, the winning symbols are held for yet another re-spin. This can go on as long as the clustered group of symbols increases with each spin, or until all reels are filled with winning symbols.

Free Spins are earned when three or more free spin icons appear on the screen during one spin. Nine to 12 free spins can be won at a time. This bonus also comes with the Symbol Drop, where low paying symbols are replaced by higher-valued icons for better payouts. More free spins are possible during this feature, with a maximum of sixty.

Cluster Pays are earned when a cluster of nine or more reel symbols show up in any position. You will know this is happening when the red, green and blue mask icons appear as large images covering two tiles in one reel. Stacked Mask Symbols count as two icons in the base game. In Free-Spin Rounds, Stacked Masks are not as profitable, only counting as one.

Verdict for the Aloha! Casino Game
Aloha! Cluster Pays is a unique game that is a nice change from traditional slots that have paylines.

While the game can be played for free, the bonus spin features will come in handy for real money players, increasing the size of payouts that can be won.

A relaxing and pleasing theme of life in the tropics adds to the enjoyment this game can provide to players.

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The Aliens Online Casino Slot Machine

Aliens is the latest video slot from Net Entertainment that has all the suspense of the movie it is named after. The game’s theme is based around a marine fighting aliens to stay alive, as seen through a camera mounted on his helmet. As a player, you will scan the area for Alien activity and fight off Alien attacks with a machine gun, all while searching for the Queen Hive in order to kill off the creatures.

An accompanying soundtrack of suspenseful sound effects will keep you on edge as you wait for a winning spin- or an alien to jump out from the darkness and surprise you.

This five-reel, three-row, 15-line game offers three levels, wild substitutions, re-spins and collectable multipliers. It allows for a large range of bets, from as little as fifteen cents up to $150 per spin, so there is an option for everyone. And these bets can be placed using either automatic spins or manual, depending on your preference.

If your internet connection isn’t top speed, Aliens allows you to decrease the quality of the game’s graphics so as not to slow down the play.

Aliens Online Casino Slot Machine Features
There are three levels of play on the Aliens game, with level one titled ‘The Search.’ During regular spins, the search bar at the top of the screen is filled with every winning combination. This adds to the multipliers and, once the meter is full, triggers the start of level two.

In level two, ‘The Encounter,’ reels are transformed with background graphics depicting a gun battle to take out attacking aliens. Every time a spin results in a win, you progress further through the level, with the ultimate goal of the level being to reach the Queen Hive.

You can’t storm the Hive with no ammunition though. Ammo is collected along the way and the level ends when you either reach the Hive or run out of ammo. And if that happens, well, use your imagination.

In level three, titled ‘The Hive,’ your marine faces off against an extremely upset and aggressive Queen Alien. The action starts with five re-spins and four filled ammunition clips (you can also collect more along the way in this level, like in the previous one). If you are lucky, it is possible to win this level with a single grenade, and collect a big prize, but that’s a long shot. Your other option is to empty the four stage ‘Hive health meter,’ which kills the queen and pays a fat reward. If things don’t go well for you, you could be killed by the Queen. But the good news is that you can still take home what you have won up to that point.

Our Take on the Aliens Casino Slot Machine
Aliens doesn’t disappoint, for either fans of the movie or just fans of slot machines. This game’s graphics are impressive and it has features that other slots don’t, for a unique playing experience. Check it out at LeoVegas Casino or Drake Casino.

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Warlords: Crystals of Power Online Casino Slot Machine

The word “Warlord” often has a negative connotation associated with violence. But the warlords in Net Entertainment’s Warlords: Crystals of Power slot machine are fighting for a win for you. According to the backstory, these three warriors have been locked in an epic war for many years. They are the last rulers to survive many bloody battles. They include a red-clad Samurai, a beautiful priestess in green, and a bearded barbarian. Each is accompanied by a wild animal that fights alongside them in battle. The priestess has a black panther, the Samurai a wolf and the barbarian’s companion is a boar. The symbols in this game are made up of the warlords and their beasts.

The visuals in this slot are impressive, with 3D soldiers marching in the background and lots of sound accompanying the action.

Betting Options and Other Functions
Warlords: Crystals of Power is an easy game to play. It’s as simple as choosing your bet and clicking the “spin” button. Net Entertainment doesn’t require you to choose how many lines are active, so the only decision required is the level of the bet. With a maximum of ten coins per line, and a value of up to one dollar, for this game with 30 lines, a player can bet up to $300 per spin.

The Warlords: Crystals of Power slot has a theoretical return to player (RTP) of almost 97 percent.

Warlords: Crystals of Power Online Slot Features
This five reel, 30 payline video slot uses battle flags as scatter symbols, which can trigger one of three different free spin rounds that correspond to each warlord. To get free spins, the scatter symbols must be in three or more positions. There are three types of scatters, which fight each other to give you a single version in the end.

A symbol made up of three gems is the game’s wild, which can pay up to 300 times. This slot also features Random Overlay Wilds, which places additional wilds on the slot’s reels. This means you get at least two wild symbols, and as many as five.

You can also try your luck with a respin, which provides a chance at having more scatters available before the free spins start. Play starts with three free spins, one multiplier and one sticky wild. More spins, bigger multipliers or additional wilds can be won. Three thousand dollars is the maximum amount that can be won on this game, a relatively small payout, but the potential to do so is definitely there because there are multipliers available during free spins.

Our Spin on Warlords: Crystals of Power
This is an enjoyable game with cool features and great graphics, although payouts are somewhat small compared to other games. Try it at Casumo Casino or BGO Casino and decide for yourself. You can also go to one of our partners who offers Forex trading. Read more about one of our partners in the pepperstone review.

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