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Blackjack – NetEnt

Blackjack is a popular table game. The Blackjack version delivered by NetEnt is excellent and highly commendable. The table game remains one of the most exciting online card games with unique rewards. More importantly, NetEnt commitment to fairness and quality makes this Blackjack version offer the best gaming experience to players.
Blackjack Strategy
This version of NetEnt Blackjack is a 3-hand and 6-deck table game that showcases the classic experience of a Blackjack game. The table was released by NetEnt in 2015 with a Return to Player (RTP) of 99.59% and a house edge of 0.41%. Players can enjoy the popular table game on both desktop and mobile devices.
Playing online Blackjack is almost the same as playing at a brick-and-mortar casino. However, you need to have a great combination of strategy and luck if you wish to excel at the table. There is no way to control your luck, but your Blackjack strategy can still be improved significantly. Players that desire to be successful at the table need to know the meaning of each type of hands.
There are 340 different possibilities of any combination of cards you can receive to play with when the hand is dealt with you at the table. This means you have to know how to think, act and react fast at the table to be successful. Moreover, with the fairness and bright graphics of NetEnt Blackjack, you have all it takes to be successful and improve your strategy.
How to play Blackjack
Online Blackjack comes with more features, betting options and variations compared to the ones at brick-and-mortar casinos. And these coupled with the seamlessness of online gaming has made playing Blackjack online more attractive than before. Players can even decide to play for free or real money. When playing Blackjack, the NetEnt version offers an ideal betting value to players with other easy-to-use options like re-bet, hit, double up and others.
Here are some chips players can use on the table:
Hit: An ideal option in Blackjack. For a new hand in online Blackjack, Hit adds another to your hand. It is the most popular option.
Double Up: If a hand needs one more card to become a substantial value, then Double up is the best choice. This feature is great, although once you double up, you cannot perform any additional moves. Use a double up to add a single card and increase your betting value.
Splitting: this is applicable two cards of the same value show up at the table. With this option, you can divide the two cards into two hands and have a chance to win with both hands. And this invariably doubles the total bet.
Stand: this comes after Hit in popularity. It is applicable in hands that are not more than 21. The feature ends all actions to the hand that is dealt. And the total stands up for you against the dealer.
It is essential to state that there are different variations of Blackjack, and they all have different rules on split and double up features. However, with NetEnt Blackjack, players can quickly master the rules and enjoy the game to win big.